Why Should I Vote?

It Works.

In the YUSU elections we use ‘Single Transferable Voting’ (STV). Instead of only casting one vote (for your preferred candidate), STV enables you to ‘rank’ your preferred candidates. When the candidate with the least votes is knocked out, their votes are transferred to people’s second preferences and so on until one candidate is the winner!

This means your vote is never wasted as you can give your first preference to the candidate who’s ideas suit you best. Therefore, a candidate can win by being ranked highly among everybody’s second or third preferences, which makes the elected Officers more representative

It Helps.

We think you should ‘give an X’ for the things you give a XXXX about. That's why for every vote, the University of York will donate 50p to charity.

From your vote, 25p goes to The Equal Access Scholarship Fund which helps Asylum Seekers access Higher Education. The other 25p from your vote goes to YUSU RAG, a student-led group which raises money for its three charities; World Child Cancer, Action against Hunger and Snappy (a charity based in York dedicated to empowering children and young people with wide ranging disabilities). This election, make sure you use your vote for good, on and off this campus.

It Decides.

By electing leaders who will make changes in the places that matter most, you are using your voice as a member of a Union to actively influence the direction of the organisation, the work it focuses on and the way you are represented.

The candidates running in this election have big ideas for improving life for students at York; your vote gives them the backing they need to enact their ideas, to lobby and to campaign.

Whatever your views, your politics or your priorities, this is your opportunity to make change. If you love York, are proud of your University and want to make life better for the students who study here, don’t waste your vote!